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Concierge Medicine

Personalized care for you.

Developing a relationship with each patient is what I value most about being a doctor. My patients trust me with their health and well-being; this is a responsibility and privilege I take very seriously. Each patient and every visit is unique and should be treated with a fresh and personalized approach. In my concierge practice, I can continue providing the quality of care I have always offered my patients – with ample time to spend listening to their concerns, a strong focus on personalized attention and collaboration, and enhanced emphasis on prevention and wellness.

My office is ideally situated above Halo Studios, an elite health and wellness center located at 45 Grove Street, New Canaan, giving  patients access to the area's most respected wellness providers.

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Some of the advanced services we provide:

Body Composition Analysis

Utilizing bioimpedence technology, we periodically perform a detailed analysis of your body composition in order to accurately track your progress as you pursue lifestyle adjustments.

Cutting-Edge Sleep Apnea Assessments

Offering in-home, convenient, best-in-class sleep apnea assessment kit to screen for obstructive sleep apnea, a common disorder, which can have serious health ramifications.

Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) Assessment

Using noninvasive doppler technology, we screen for peripheral artery disease (PAD)- or poor limb circulation. Those with PAD are also at increased risk for heart disease and stroke.

Treating the Whole Patient

Cutting edge medicine with a personalized approach.

Dr. Leibowitz combines the most current clinical advances with an unwavering focus on caring for each patient as a unique individual...mind,body and spirit.

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We take the time to listen.

While our current healthcare system is riddled with uncertainties, we provide a true medical home for our patients. With adequate time and ease of scheduling, we are here when you need us.

Personalized Primary Care

Available as part of practice membership with no additional fees or copays.

As a full-service concierge primary care practice, we offer routine care when you need us, as well as comprehensive annual health assessments which far exceed the traditional standards.

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