Newsletter 04/13/18 – BP, BBQ and Z-Packs

To My Patients,

These articles just popped up on the radar, and I though many of you might find them helpful (and perhaps a bit entertaining).

For anyone who has a history of high blood pressure, this important article explains why regularly checking your BP at home can be important.

And at the risk of being a buzzkill, here’s why women at increased risk for breast cancer should carefully consider how to hydrate at that upcoming spring barbecue.

And lastly- for anyone who has ever been shuffled out the door of an urgent care clinic with a prescription for a Z-Pack in hand, this amusing piece explains why it might be wise to question the doc about his or her choice the next time (spoiler alert: it can cause heart problems, and it doesn’t work so well for sinus infections).

Be well, and Happy Spring!

Larry Leibowitz, MD